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MITCHELL, Susan Langstaff – Five Poems

Donneur de voix : Aurélien Ridon | Durée : 6min | Genre : Poésie

Susan Langstaff Mitchell - Cinq Poèmes

Susan Langstaff Mitchell est une poétesse irlandaise, née à Carrick-on-Shannon, et ayant vécu de 1866 à 1926.

Les poèmes enregistrés ici sont tirés du recueil The Living Chalice and Other Poems publié en 1908.


« I buzz in the dizzy fly, I crawl in the creeping things.
I croak in the frog’s throat and fly on the bird’s wings.

I play on the keys of the brain, a thought goes here, goes there ;
Bird or beast it has bounds, but I am everywhere.

I dip in the pools of the rocks and the minnow plays with me.
Finned I am like a fish, and merry children are we.

At the dumb call of darkness I go to the ocean’s side,
I stand on the docile beach and bridle the eager tide.

The fretted waters I hold in the hollow of my hand.
From my heart go fire and dew and the green and the brown land. »

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