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    Augustin BrunaultAugustin Brunault
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    Bonjour Fred,

    Bravo pour la sortie du logiciel qui fonctionne bien chez moi !

    J'ai ajouté un lien dans la colonne de droite du site.



    FFred Worms

    Hello choriste / jf:

    Thanks for your kind letter.

    “I am starting to wonder whether this interesting technology could be applicable in the domain of adult literacy training. A small technical question : does your program allow one to slow down the reading speed of the oral reader ?

    What do you think ? Have you ever considered basic literacy training for adults ?”

    Please have a look at the WDS ANNOTATIONS link at the bottom of the WDS2009 page of my site: . I will be glad to assist you in using WDS for this purpose.

    “I would be glad to tape some texts for you, in French, English or German ….”

    Whether or not I'll extend my on-line collection: I'm not sure yet, I'm primarily a software developer. I wouldn't mind if the talking books were copied for distribution on other sites.

    Presently I try to start a project for (6-7 years old) children in Menton, where I live. The available material in french is very limited. First experiences show that short stories are necessary, 3 to 10 minutes, longer and the children get bored. I listened to chapter 1 of your Gulliver recording. Very nice, clear diction (I suppose you are a high baritone or tenor). But too long for my short-term project. Well, here come my questions :

    1) Could you participate in the Beatrix Potter activity? (Please see my post in question on the litteratureaudio forum)

    2) An even more reckless question: you wouldn't by any chance be interested in assisting me by translating chapter 2 of my User Guide in french? (English version on the “Documentation” page of my site).

    Wishing you all the best, kind regards,

    Fred Worms

2 sujets de 16 à 17 (sur un total de 17)
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