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  1. vl@d le 4 juillet 2015

    Je sais, aujourd’hui je ne suis pas très bavard.

  2. Bruissement le 4 juillet 2015

    Un merci est assez rare et tellement gentil: je vous trouve donc bien assez bavard ;)
    A mon tour, je vous remercie pour votre attention assidue et souhaite que l’intérêt que vous portez à l’Écriture divine vous soit bénéfique.

  3. Xiao Zhi An le 7 septembre 2015

    Bonjure! Would you recite Musset’s Poem « Rappelle Toi »?

    I want to my to-be girlfriend to listen this beautiful masterpiece, I haven’t found it here, so I dare ask you, who with angelical voice to recite it.

    I thank you!

    Merci! Merci! Please let me know!

  4. Bruissement le 7 septembre 2015

    Yes, I would be very delighted to recite this poem for you and your girlfriend :)
    My great pleasure!
    However I need some time, several days, if you don’t mind.
    May I ask you if you prefer with or without some music?

    Your site, I have just visited a bit, seems to be very intersting…

  5. Xiao Zhi An le 7 septembre 2015

    Lady, it’s better with music, she’s just a friend from afar. And I love this poem, I love Musset, I wish you love it too. I appreciate all your works, I can read french, and I keep listening everything you published here, it’s beautiful. My friend thanks you, and I thank you.

    …………….. 萧 from China.

  6. Bruissement le 7 septembre 2015

    Oh! What a cute message! I would not have thought being heard as far as from China. So you have a very good french to be able to listen to our works! Congratulation.
    I am very keen on poetry and I love Musset too. I am a little proud that our French poems are also appreciated by people having another background.
    Nice to meet you, Xiao Zhi An.


  7. Xiao Zhian le 8 septembre 2015

    As a return, I write a post dedicated to you, in it I teach you a Chinese character 爱. Just pay it a visit and you’ll see my greeting.


  8. Bruissement le 8 septembre 2015

    Thanks for your interesting lesson, you could not have chosen a more lovely character, but not that easy to draw.
    I have also watched your five minutes video about China and Chinese people with a very appropriate music indeed!!!
    so I think you are right being very proud of your country and your ancestors.
    As to the chosen name for your domain: quite good really!
    I wish you: 爱

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